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Thai Lotus specializes in the preparation of authentic Thai cuisine as you would experience if you were to visit Thailand. The preparation of the dishes are done masterfully by Chef Sandy, proprietor of restaurants while living in Thailand and a recipient of the Certified Thai Chef from the Oriental Professional Thai Cooking Programme of the Oriental Bangkok.

The preparation of Thai food requires the understanding and balance of the five tastes; salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Several of these may be present in a single dish while one may be predominant in others. Each of the tastes may be present in a meal to allow the pallet to experience all the flavors of the food. More specifically, different regions within Thailand may have preference for one or more tastes.

Also important in Thai cuisine is the use of fresh herbs to enhance the aromatic appeal as well as offering some very delicious flavors to each dish. Chef Sandy goes out of her way to find fresh ingredients to prepare authentic Thai cuisine.

The preparation of Thai food can be very time consuming as ingredients are peeled and cut into bite size pieces before cooking, and the blending of herbs to create the magic flavors of curries would be done using a mortar and pestle.. The actual cooking process is often very quick using high heat to stir fry as well as steam, barbeque and quick frying.

Usually, eating Thai style is a social affair with a group of people. The typical meal will include a number of dishes in the form of soup or bite size pieces so only a fork and a spoon is used. You may find chopsticks when a dish contains noodles, but they are not part of the traditional utensils.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Thai Lotus and experience some of the most delicious food known. You should know that your food will be prepared fresh with the utmost care by Chef Sandy and the staff.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you like as well as where we can make any improvements as we want Thai Lotus to be your preferred destination for Thai cuisine.

Korb Khun Ka
Chef Sandy

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